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The Collision Process

If you’ve ever been involved in an automobile accident, you know that the process fo getting your car repaired properly and in a timely manner can be confusing and difficult. Our goal at Star Autobody is to make the process as easy for you as possible.

Damage Assessment

The first step after a car is damaged is to make an assessment. The damages caused by traffic accidents, storms, collisions with deer or other animals can cause significant damage to parts of your car that require immediate attention. If your car is driveable, please stop by our office for an estimate as soon as possible after the accident. Our trained and experienced staff use the very latest state of the art computer estimating systems. We will make an accurate assessment and can perform any necessary temporary repairs to make the vehicle safe and reliable. If your car is not drivable, please call our office and we will arrange to have it moved to our secure lot for an estimate. We offer free estimates on all vehicles.

Insurance and Payment

In most accident cases an insurance company will pay all or most of the charges in repairing the vehicle. We work with all the insurance companies and also have agreements with many insurers that allow us to speed up your claim process. In these cases we complete the necessary insurance forms for you while we prepare your estimate. Whether it is your insurance company or the "other" driver’s, that is paying, this convenience saves you time and trouble.

Replacement Vehicle

While your car is being repaired, life goes on. We can recommend a car rental company that will work with you to meet you at our shop on the day of repairs and that you can leave with us when you pick up your repaired car.